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Welcome to Hearts & Homes

Working to Make a Place for Our Community Members with Developmental Disabilities

Hearts & Homes is dedicated to expanding the choices and enriching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and their families by providing homes in which they can receive the essential services they need.  A supportive home environment can help these valuable members of our community to lead lives where they can achieve their greatest potentials.

Our needs are great, as the housing, support and services available for our adults with developmental disabilities are often limited. With medical and educational advancements, more of our children with developmental disabilities grow into adults who are capable of being part of their larger community, but may still need varying levels of support and care to realize their dreams.

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with the Virginia Beach Department of Human Services' Developmental Services Unit for support services, Hearts & Homes creates and maintains a variety of residences to meet the diverse needs of persons with developmental disabilities, and to broaden the choices and availability for housing within our community. Recognizing the importance of each individual's place and gifts, we all do our part to create community with and for each other.

Click here to download a PDF of our 2012 Annual Report.



























Donate Today!

Please consider making a tax-deductible charitable contribution to Hearts & Homes. Your financial support will help improve the lives of adults with developmental disabilities in Virginia Beach while providing peace of mind to their families.